The Precision Psychiatry and Social Physiology team is focusing on three main research axes.

Computational Psychiatry

Understanding mental function and dysfunction through multi-scale mathematical models.

Precision Medicine

Tailoring optimal care to the individual patient, using data from genomes to smartphones.

Social NeuroAI

Translating insights of basic social neuroscience into artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Here are some highlights from the lab. Enjoy the reading!

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Nature Review Disease Primer

The Human Dynamic Clamp


Inter-brain synchronization during social interaction



"Past, present, and future is where we're at."

  • May 2020

    Our Humble Beginnings

    With the COVID19 pandemic, the lab started online…

  • July 2020

    First grant!

    FRQS J1 in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Medicine.

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    September 2020

    Affiliation to Mila

    Guillaume joined Mila as an affiliated professor.

  • November 2020

    The lab is finally opening!

    Our office is at the level A of CHUSJ Research Center.

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Guillaume Dumas

Principal Investigator

Position Available

PhD Student / Postdoc

Position Available

PhD Student / Postdoc

Coming soon...

PhD Student (Computational Psychiatry)

Coming soon...

PhD Student (Precision Medicine)

Coming soon...

Postdoc (Social NeuroAI)

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